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These are the most Frequently Asked Questions about IssueHunt

  • What is IssueHunt Fest 2019 Spring all about?

    Online sponsorship event for open-source projects organized by IssueHunt. The month-long online event will take place every year in May and December.

  • How do I get started?

    Create an account on https://issuehunt.io/ with Github.
    Submit a PR to any public GitHub repository listed on IssueHunt. Browse open issues labeled IssueHuntFest for inspiration

  • Who is sponsoring the event?

    Many amazing corporations including Microsoft, SoftBank, LINE Corporation and so on are sponsoring the event. Learn more

  • For Project Owners How do I earn money from the bounty on IssueHunt Fest 2019?

    Add OSS projects to IssueHunt. Request for funds from your repository page on IssueHunt. We will check these requests and fund issues ASAP

    Disclaimer We might reject funding requests if the repository is for private purpose.

  • For Contributors How do I earn money from the bounty on IssueHunt Fest 2019?

    After submitting a pull request through GitHub, please submit the pull request's URL to IssueHunt as well. You will get paid when the repository owner confirms your pull requests!

  • For Sponsors

    Anyone can become a sponsor by funding open issues listed on IssueHunt. Your money will be distributed to the owner and contributors

  • How do I get prizes?

    Get AirPods by becoming top 3 contributors with most rewards or 3 most upvoted projects on IssueHunt Fest. We will send you to Apple Gift Card.

  • Do you accept cryptocurrencies as payment?

    No. We only accept fiat currency.